Zandrek's Pesh Palace

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Zandrek's Pesh Palace is a famous pesh parlor in the city of Katapesh. It is a round, domed building surrounded by bronze columns. Its massive copper door is a sculpted face of a laughing man. There are no other doors in the interior but only silk and bead curtains. Multiple private chambers line the first ring of the building while a second ring is filled with statuary, cushions, couches, and wandering minstrels and dancing girls. The center of the structure is a lovely courthouse filled with plants, marble flagstones and a central pool full of colorful fish. Zandrek's Pesh Palace is the most popular den of iniquity in a city full of sin and vice. Master Zandrek cares to satisfy all of his customers' desires. A small army of exotic slaves are especially trained to see to the needs of Master Zandrek's guests.1