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Age of Destiny
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-3470 AR in politics

  • The kingdom of Osirion is founded in northeastern Garund1 by Azghaad after he unites the tribes of the region, marking the beginning of the first era of pharaonic rule.23
  • After slaying Ulunat (see below), Azghaad founds the city of Sothis around the carapace of the destroyed monstrosity.4
  • After hundreds of years of infighting and chaos following the death of the warlord Belkzen in -3698 AR, the vast territory once held by the orcs in northern Avistan has been reduced to the area known today as the Hold of Belkzen.5

Deaths in -3470 AR


  • Historians generally agree that this is the first year in Golarion's third age, the Age of Destiny.2


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