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Age of Lost Omens
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  • Akatori is exiled from his homeland of Minkai. He sets out to seek the elves of Jinin but becomes embroiled in the violence affecting northern Lingshen.3 In response, he founds the nation of Shokuro and becomes its first Sun Shogun; the nation later reverts to its historic name of Songbai.4


  • The month of Rova brings the first of many nightly disappearances blamed on shadowy forces in the Chelish city of Westcrown. The mayor institutes a night-time curfew that is still in effect.56 The abductions are performed by shadowbeasts, and while Nidalese Shadowcallers under Ilnerik Sivanshin and the Midnight Guard are supposed to curtail their efforts, they are widely believed to encourage them.7


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