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Ilnerik Sivanshin

Source: Mother of Flies, pg(s). 51

Ilnerik Sivanshin is a name out of Pathfinder Society legend. A famed member of the Amber Privateers, they themselves the most famous Pathfinder team that called Westcrown's Delvehaven Pathfinder lodge home, Sivanshin is one of only two members to survive an ill-fated expedition into the Mwangi Expanse. Donatalus Bisby, leader of the Privateers, also survived the expedition. Sivanshin was his chronicler.1

When Bisby and Sivanshin returned to Westcrown from the Mwangi Jungle in 4606 A.R., they brought with them an artifact that was called by the Mwangi the Aohl. The Aohl consists of two components, one dark and one light, and together they balance one another and are complete. The Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin was concerned that the Decemvirate would see the loss of the majority of the expedition as a failure. He tried to keep the return of the surviving Amber Privateers quiet until they could give a full report on the artifact. When rumor that the Amber Privateers had returned to Westcrown spread, Bisby was celebrated as a hero for surviving the arduous journey.1

Sivanshin, as chronicler and not the leader, was not as well-lauded as Bisby, and began to feel slighted, then jealous. He decided that he would take the dark component of the Aohl and sell it in Nidal, where dark things are coveted. By the time that Bisby and Ghaelfin discovered the treachery, Ilnerik Sivanshin was long gone.1

In Nidal, Sivanshin's plan went awry. He died and rose again as a vampire.2

These tragic events occurred at an even more tragic time. Before Bisby could put together where exactly Sivanshin had gone, Aroden died and Westcrown became embroiled in Cheliax's civil war. Delvehaven was closed to protect Pathfinder secrets.2

In the hundred years since Sivanshin left the Pathfinders, left Westcrown, and left the realm of the living, he became a master of shadows and found minions amongst the creatures in Nidal that hunt in darkness and shadow.2

Sivanshin returned to Westcrown at the behest of the House Thrune in 4674 A.R. to create and control the midnight guard, enforcing Westcrown's curfew effectively preventing unlawful gatherings, or unwanted sedition. In recent years, Sivanshin became more aligned with Westcrown's Council of Thieves than the city mayors he supposedly serves.2


Ilnerik Sivanshin's status has been elevated over the course of these long years and his wardrobe has improved as well. The vampire favors gothic clothing befitting a nobleman. He was always handsome, and power has enhanced his charisma. His long, loose, light hair and pale complexion are contrasted by the unnatural shadows that play about him.3


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