A Thread of Silver

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The Technic League of Numeria, a shadowy organization of arcanists who study the Silver Mount in Starfall, recorded an early survey of the Silver Mount's chambers and artifacts in the book A Thread of Silver.[1][2] Despite great effort on the League's part, the original copy was stolen, and new copies have made their way out of the country.[3]

The book is prized for its insights into Numerian technology (especially robots), supposedly surpassing even Pathfinder Chronicles Vol. 3 in detail. The League is known to hire assassins to kill anyone who possesses or reads the book for fear that they might reveal closely guarded secrets.[2]


The original book was written in 4515 AR by Technic League member Lucius Worznik, stolen from their collection in 4625 AR, and never recovered.[4]

Specific copies

One copy was reportedly sold by a traveling bookseller, Sal Durivan, in Eleder. A Pathfinder Society agent is rumored to be among the book's potential buyers.[3]


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