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Nation Sargava
Size Small city
Population 8,900
Demographics 8,000 humans (3,000 colonists, 5,000 Mwangi), 500 halflings, 200 dwarves, 100 elves, 100 others
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Grand Custodian Baron Utilinus
Leader Lady Madrona Daugustana

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 13f.

Eleder is the capital of Sargava and the country's only deepwater port. Its government remains stable and Eleder's military is capable of policing the city. Its incredibly wealthy trading companies contribute to Eleder's political value being capable of protecting their investments. The Aspis Consortium holds little power in Eleder due to the power of Eleder's trading companies.[1]

At present, Eleder has only three-fourths as many inhabitants as Kalabuto. The overland route between the two cities broke down completely when Kalabuto's trading companies began shipping goods down the Korir River. Despite Kalabuto's growing exports trade, Eleder remains a stronghold for the nation's political structure.[2]

Eleder's economy is divided between its shipping industry and the trafficking, and processing of gemstones, gold, silver, and salt brought in from miners in the Bandu Hills.[2]

The city is showing signs of decay caused by the country's perilous financial position. This decay does not extend to the docks, however, which claim to employ some of Garund's best shipwrights. Merchants and Free Captains alike use the facilities, and their maintenance is given top priority.[3]

At one time, the city boasted the Grallus Ball, but all such celebrations have been canceled due to lack of funds.[3]


Chelish troops founded the port under the imperialistic expansion efforts of mad Prince Haliad I at the place of their first landing in Desperation Bay. By 4138 AR, Eleder was granted official status as a Chelish colony.[2]

The site of the settlement was selected by the original founders of the city because it was a natural harbor and in addition to the shelter of the cove, a series of cascading freshwater springs welling up from rocks near the shore, provided the fresh water the settlers needed. The initial stockaded encampment gradually expanded to the walled city of Eleder. The upgrade of Eleder's harbor into a fully equipped shipyard was one of the initial developments. The first several decades there saw many violent misunderstandings between Chelaxians and natives. Large numbers of Chelish troops were brought in to bring the natives under control and convince them to assist the colonists in bringing "order" and industry to their "savage" land. The colonists named the city "Eleder" after the brave young Eleder, daughter of one of the first colonists, whose diplomacy and efforts to learn Polyglot enabled the colonists to live in peace with the locals.[4]

City geography

The city is located between the Laughing Jungle and the Bandu Hills. It is comprised of five districts: Northcoast, Portside, New Haliad, Lower Harbor, and Outerwall, also known as the Zenj Slums. Northcoast, Portside and New Haliad surround Eleder Harbor and are settled by colonials. The Diomar Wall divides these wards from the other two. Lower Harbor is located along the coast just south of the main harbor, naturally separated by the cliff face; it is populated by working-class fishermen, both colonials and Mwangi. Two-thirds of Eleder's population live in Outerwall.[5]

The city is an unusual blend of architecture. The Chelish, stoic gothic stonework has adapted to Sargava's far warmer climate. The buildings are wide and low and usually include a spacious inner courtyard.[6]


Eleder suffers from extreme racial and class division with the colonists dominating the far larger Zenj population. Colonial law provides Zenj very few rights. The colonials live in relative luxury while the native workers dwell in poverty outside the city walls. Though born in Sargava, and despite the colony's 500 years of existence, at heart, most colonials consider themselves Chelaxians and adopt Chelish religion, culture, and fashions.[4][7]

Government and politics

The Grand Custodian Baron Utilinus maintains a personal court of eight barristers as a legal counsel. A large number of clerks handle the mundane responsibilities. The Grand Custodian holds little political power in Eleder. The responsibility of city politics falls to the upper classes. The aristocracy operates under a parliamentary high council, whose final decisions are determined by the most influential and powerful families of Eleder. They claim no official titles, but they hold most of the city's wealth. Council seats are allotted by heredity. The matriarch of the family of Daugustanas, Lady Madrona Daugustana, is the unofficial city's leader. She is the oldest living colonial and upholds the ideals and customs of her ancestors.[7][6]


International organizations

Local organizations

Trading companies

Over the centuries, trading companies have had a profound influence upon the Eleder's development. Among the first settlers there were many who worked for trading companies that came to the new colony to expand their business. In the southern continent, trading companies discovered vast, untapped sources of valuable goods, mainly salt, gold, lumber and slaves. Moreover, the climate provided the ability to grow valuable crops such as sugar cane, hemp, and a variety of fruits. Also, the ample plains were good for raising cattle and the waters of the Desperation Bay provided fish and molluscs. The Chelish government drafted the South Arcadian Charter to encourage expansion. Operating under the South Arcadian Charter, trading companies soon formed the backbone of a new economy. They provided Cheliax with new resources and in parallel became importers of northern goods such as steel, weapons, tools, books, wheat, and cotton. Their political influence grew as their wealth grew. In the wake of House Davian's fall, Baron Grallus asked trading companies for aid. He offered to protect their interest, provided that the companies joined Sargava in its secession from Chelish rule.[8]