Abdul Alhazred

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Abdul Alhazred
Abdul Alhazred holding the Necronomicon.
Titles The Mad Poet
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human (Arab)
Class Wizard (Diviner) 10 / Loremaster 10
Gender Male
Homeland Earth
Died 3533 AR
Images of Abdul Alhazred

Source: Dreams of the Yellow King, pg(s). 56–57

The Mad Poet Abdul Alhazred is the author of the Necronomicon, a foul treatise of the Outer Gods, Great Old Ones, and their cults.[1]


Abdul Alhazred was born more than 1,000 years ago on the planet Earth, far from Golarion. During his exploration of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert on Earth, he discovered Irem, also called the City of Pillars, and the Nameless City. The truths he learned there slowly made him insane, and drove him to pen the Kitab Al-Azif (the original name of the Necronomicon). Using his powers, he explored the Dreamlands where he met Nyarlathotep, who allowed him to perceive the mad god Azathoth. This encounter split his psyche and created a dream duplicate which lives on in the Dreamlands long after the real Alhazred was killed by an invisible creature on the streets of Damascus.[1][2]

For more than a millennia, Alhazred's dream duplicate has lived alone in the Dreamlands, unable to leave and resurrecting himself in a barren region of the demiplane after every death. He spends his time meditating and contemplating secrets, only to destroy them so others cannot know them. Visitors that disturb Alhazred are usually murdered or led astray, except those with unusual knowledge.[1]


Abdul Alhazred still possesses the original copy of the Kitab Al-Azif, which he wrote in Arabic. It serves as his spellbook, vanishes if separated from him, and always manifests with him when he dies and resurrects himself.[1]


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