Abrogail's Fury

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Abrogail's Fury
Class Man-o'-war
Keel 130 feet
Beam 40 feet
Propulsion 4 masts
Status In action in the Shackles
Captain(s) Admiral Druvalia Thrune
Crew Alsus Agrimant, magical artillery
Jarian Randeloric, repair
Paralictor Valeria Asperixus

Source: From Hell's Heart, pg(s). 14–16

The black-hulled Chelish Navy man-o'-war Abrogail's Fury, under the command of Admiral Druvalia Thrune, is active in anti-piracy operations around the Shackles.[1]


The ship has a black hull and red and black sails. It flies the flag of House Thrune and a banner of Admiral Thrune's personal sigil, a silver dagger.[1]


Among those serving Admiral Thrune on the Abrogail's Fury are Alsus Agrimant, Jarian Randeloric, and her bodyguard and servant Paralictor Valeria Asperixus.[1]


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