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The airship Zoetrope. See also Category:Images of airships.
A blue dragon attacks an airship.

Airships are aircraft that resemble ships. Many airships of the Inner Sea region were developed in Alkenstar,1 and they are common vehicles in the Plane of Air.2

Stasian airships

See also: Stasian technology

Stasian technology accelerated existing Ustalavic attempts to craft lighter-than-air ships capable of sustained flight. These new metal-framed airships use acid-immersed metals excited by Stasian coils. As of 4723 AR, only two are known to fly: the Twelve-Armed Reaper and the Stormcrow's Curse. Researchers expect more to follow in the ensuing years.3

The Reaper is an airship encased in flesh that uses galvanic stimulation to trigger propulsive rowing from its component corpses instead of necromancy. This technological reliance allows it to travel in places that might detect or repel the undead, which it uses to wage war on the undead through aerial bombardment. The Curse evacuates survivors in the Hold of Belkzen and Gravelands in exchange for valuables or information on the Hungry Mountains, a range which rumors suggest its captain Jacquinde Stormcrow built the airship to explore.4


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