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The Gravelands.

Symbol of the Gravelands.
Land Avistan
Alignment Neutral evil
Capital None
Ruler None
Government Undead tyranny; anarchy
Languages Necril
Religions Urgathoa
Images of Gravelands

Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 36
See also: Lastwall

The Gravelands is an undead-haunted wasteland, all that remains of the once-proud crusader nation of Lastwall.[1]


After the Shining Crusade, which saw the defeat and imprisonment of the Whispering Tyrant Tar-Baphon, the nation of Lastwall was founded by the Knights of Ozem who swore to keep watch over his prison of Gallowspire. As time passed, their vigilance and zeal declined in their belief that their glory days were behind them, as they spent most of their time fighting the orcs of Belkzen. Meanwhile, the Whispering Tyrant continued to plan his escape.[1]

In the summer of 4719 AR, the Tyrant finished the development of the superweapon known as the Radiant Fire. As his agents in the Whispering Way conducted numerous crimes to destabilise Lastwall, he used the Radiant Fire to devastate its capital of Vigil. Lastwall was broken, and its remnants became known as the Gravelands.[1]


Hordes of undead, commanded by Tar-Baphon's lieutenants, roam the countryside of the Gravelands, as do the few goblins and orcs who chose to ally with him. Travelling across the land is to invite death, but despite overwhelming odds, the surviving Knights of Ozem continue to combat the tide of evil. Most of Lastwall's surviving citizens, including its leader Ulthun II, have left by way of the port city of Vellumis. Aylunna Varvatos, Lastwall's most influential priest of Iomedae, and recently arrived Magaambyan philanthropists coordinate daily evacuations from the port; only the most desperate still stay in their crumbling farms or fortifications. Legendary fortresses like Castle Everstand and Castle Firrine stand empty and grim, as their garrisons, no longer able to count on supplies, were forced to abandon them.[1]