Akrizoth Horologe

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The Akrizoth Horologe is one of the wonders of the Darklands. The huge clock stands in the hryngar1 capital of Hagegraf as the centerpiece of its Clock Quarter.2


The clock was built in honor of Taskmaster-General Gromdaer Akrizoth, the first hryngar king, who drove the morlocks out of Hagegraf and reclaimed the city for hryngars in the 15th century AR. Its design employs obscure knowledge from the Ashen Forge.3


The Horologe stands from floor to ceiling in Hagegraf's cavern.4 It has six hands and numbers in seven languages, and was built by a hryngar who claimed to have escaped from the Ashen Forge, Droskar's realm in the Outer Rifts. For those able to read it, it measures the passage of the sun over Highhelm and also reputedly measures the output of Droskar's forges, making it of interest to Droskar's priests.54


The clock is manned by an insular sect of Droskari priests known as clock keepers, who are on orders from King Kurindey Orgukagan to turn away outsiders, such as the pilgrims of the clockwork deity Brigh who have attempted to visit the Horologe.4