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Nation Darklands
Region Nar-Voth
Size Metropolis
Population 32,800
Demographics 77% duergar, 12% slaves of numerous races, 5% half-orc, 3% dark folk, 3% other
Government Monarchy
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler King Kurindey Orgukagen

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 28

Hagegraf is the capital of the duergar in Nar-Voth and is situated on the eastern end of the Long Walk, under the Five Kings Mountains of north-eastern Druma. The city's troops patrol the Long Walk, keeping it mostly clear of monsters and extracting tolls from travellers.[1] The city is a place of never-ending, backbreaking work and hardship, as befits a place whose people are dedicated to the worship of the god of endless toil, Droskar.[2]


The city takes up the sides of an immense cavern, and resembles a massive arena enclosed by a circle of fortresses. Numerous large stalactites hang down from the cavern's ceiling, linked by a network of bridges; it is here that the city's nobility live.[1]

The city is home to the massive clock known as the Akrizoth Horologe. The engineering marvel is acclaimed as one of the wonders of the Darklands, and is a major tourist attraction.[1]


All non-dwarves are welcome to visit the city—provided they can pay the 10 gold piece entry tax for each wagon. There is also a 20 gold piece exit tax per person; those who attempt to leave without paying end up in the city's dungeons.[1] As the duergar are known to be avid slavers, caravans full of creatures of all sorts leave on a regular basis for the chattel markets of Delvingulf, Sverspume,[1] and Giratayn.[3]


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