Alcaydian Indros

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Alcaydian Indros

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 64

Alcaydian Indros was a paladin of the god Aroden and one of the founders of the Varisian city of Magnimar. He led a small exploratory expedition into the wilds of the then unknown reaches of western Varisia in 4584 AR. There he discovered the massive Thassilonian ruin of the Irespan, naming the bay it was built on Outcast's Cove. While camping on the beach there, he and his companions (known as the Wardens of the Eye)1 were attacked by the Vydrarch, a massive sea monster. Despite the fact that he was fully armored, Indros strode into the waves to do battle with the monster. He emerged minutes later, having saved the lives of his followers, and declaring that this place would thenceforth be named Magnimar, or "Stone of the Sea".2

After his death, a tall, cylindrical monument was built in his honor called the Cenotaph. So beloved was Indros, that soon many people wished to be buried near his empty tomb. The area around the Cenotaph has become so crowded with graves, crypts, and mausoleums that it is now known as Mourner's Plaza.3