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Race/Species Human (Mwangi)
Gender Male
Homeland Kalabuto, Sargava
Companion(s) Count Varian Jeggare
Images of Amadi

Source: A Lesson in Taxonomy

Amadi was a kind-hearted and cheerful lad who acted as a guide and as an artist for Count Varian Jeggare during one of the famous Pathfinder's early explorations to the Mwangi Expanse in the mid 47th Century AR. Amadi's artistic skills were used in preparing Jeggare's book, the Bestiary of Garund.[1] He also acted as a guide to the dwarven Pathfinder, Rosk Hargun and the noble Pathfinder, Prince Kasiya, the latter on the prince's exploration of the Kaava Lands.[2]


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