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Varian Jeggare

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Varian Jeggare
Varian Jeggare
Aliases Abrogail's rat-catcher (pejorative)
Titles Count
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Wizard 6
Gender Male
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax
Deity Desna privately; Asmodeus publicly
Organization Pathfinder Society
Companion(s) Radovan, Arnisant
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Source: Prince of Wolves

Count Varian Jeggare is a Chelaxian noble and venture-captain of the Pathfinder Society. Along with his bodyguard, Radovan, Jeggare has investigated mysterious deaths among the aristocracy of Cheliax and ventured deep into the mountains of Ustalav to learn the true fate of a missing Pathfinder.[1][2] Since his Ustalavic trip, the count has been accompanied by his faithful Ustalavic wolfhound named Arnisant.[3]


Jeggare learned magic at the Acadamae, an arcane college in Korvosa, where he specialized in metamagic[4] and evocation.[5] Unfortunately, he experienced an unusual condition during his studies in which he suffered an acute case of nausea while retaining and casting spells. As a result, he abandoned his studies and returned to his home in Greensteeples in Egorian.[6] Despite this peculiar condition, Jeggare eventually passed the final examination at the Acadamae.[7]

During a trip to Ustalav, Jeggare rediscovered the secrets of riffle scrolls in an obscure library. With this new method of casting spells, he had a handy remedy for the crippling nausea he normally suffered.[8]

Jeggare is a worshipper of Desna first and foremost, but only in private; in public as a count of Cheliax, he has to perform due service to Asmodeus, his country's patron deity.[9]

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The Lacuna Codex

In 4711 AR, the count was responsible for the transport of the nefarious Lacuna Codex to the Decemvirate in Absalom.[3]

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Jeggare wrote Bestiary of Garund, which classifies the fauna of the Garundi continent, in his youth.[10]

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Count Jeggare numbers many interesting items amongst his possession, including:[citation needed]

Red Carriage
A beautifully crafted horse-drawn carriage which his mother informed him was a gift from his father.
Shadowless Sword
A magical blade that, amongst other advantages, is able to penetrate illusions to see the real situation.
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