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Aliases First Sovereign
Titles Black Sovereign
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Dybbuk (formerly Human (Kellid))
Gender Female
Homeland Numeria
Died Unknown

Source: Palace of Fallen Stars (adventure), pg(s). 32, 65–66

Amalokla was the first Black Sovereign in Numeria, claiming the title in 4031 AR after conquering the site of the Silver Mount and naming the settlement around it Starfall. She ruled for many years until her death, leaving the title and rulership to no one.[1] Like all subsequent Black Sovereigns, her remains were thrown into Starfall's Bonehall.[2]

Unwilling to rest in death, Amalokla's spirit rose as a dybbuk and has haunted the Bonehall since.[2]

Rule as Black Sovereign

Amalokla united several tribes and marched on the Silver Mount in order to stop adventurers from investigating the alien ruin. Her army included barbarians and animals, including a pair of aurumvoraxes she kept as pets, and it easily defeated the then-unnamed settlement she subsequently dubbed "Starfall".

During her rule, of unknown length but lasting until her death, Amalokla started the Palace of Fallen Stars and enforced traditional Kellid taboos against technology. She named no successor, and the seat remained empty for several years after her death until an unknown warlord claimed it.[1]


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