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An aurumvorax tears into a gearsman.

Aurumvoraxes are powerful, eight-legged, cat-like predators with golden fur who dig extensive tunnel complexes and seem to enjoy the taste of metals (especially gold). They are known among the dwarves as golden gorgers because of the coloring of their fur and their unusual appetites.[1]

On Golarion

Aurumvoraxes are generally found in Golarion's more temperate zones, and have been seen on the island of Deepmar off the coast of Cheliax,[2] along Varisia's Lost Coast,[3] on the Nesmian Plains of southern Nirmathas,[4] and in the River Kingdom region known as the Stolen Lands.[5] Although most comfortable in cooler climes, the creatures have also been spotted near sources of water in the highlands of Katapesh.[6]

In the Great Beyond

The empyreal lord Arqueros, who commands Heaven's first line of defense, Prime Vallation, is said to be served by a host of celestial aurumvoraxes.[7][8]


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