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Black Sovereign

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Kevoth-Kul, on his throne as the Black Sovereign of Numeria
The flag of Numeria

The Black Sovereign is the title given to the ruler of Numeria and this title has been practically synonymous with 'ruler of Numeria's tribes' since its inception in 4031 AR.[1] The current incumbent is Kevoth-Kul.[2]

A Black Sovereign is not like a monarch—where an obvious successor usually takes over power on the death of the former leader—much time may pass after the death of a Black Sovereign before the next is declared. Few records exist regarding the history of the Black Sovereigns—even in death, they are not buried but stripped naked and thrown into the Bonehall, a pit that predates Starfall and contains the jumbled remains of every Black Sovereign.[3] As such, their total number and many of their names are unknown.[4]


Most Black Sovereigns traditionally take a consort, who effectively serves as the Sovereign's second-in-command. The consort of current Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul is the barbarian Kul-Inkit.[5]

Known Black Sovereigns

Dates shown are those of the period of the Black Sovereign's rule.


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