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A dybbuk is an undead spirit that has eluded Pharasma's judgement and remains on Golarion to torment the living, often as the result of committing some great sin in life.1


Dybbuks, like most incorporeal undead, look similar to their mortal selves. A typical dybbuk's lower torso will trail off into wisps rather than legs, and occasionally their hands will appear bloodstained.1


The hallmark ability of the dybbuk is possession. Dybbuks can easily possess unattended objects, turning them into animated objects under the dybbuk's control. Worse, dybbuks can possess living creatures, completely possessing their forms and taking control of their abilities. Dybbuks also have some mind control magics in their arsenal. If possession fails, the touch of a dybbuk is quite damaging by itself, suffused with negative and evil energies.1

On Golarion

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A dybbuk named Anorag is said to haunt the crypts beneath Castle Kronquist in Ustalav, where she torments the living feeder humans of the vampire Cvotgar Haas.2


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