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Ancient One

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Ancient One
Homeland Vergan Forest, Razmiran
Organization Dominion of the Black

Source: Occult Realms, pg(s). 39

The Ancient One is a powerful member of the Dominion of the Black that travelled to Golarion in the Age of Anguish. It emerged in the location of modern Razmiran and consumed the life forces of everything in its path until stopped by a group of heroes. The heroes bound it in the hidden Bleachbone Cave in the Vergan Forest for 8,888 years, after which it can possess a living body to continue its destruction. The cave is currently inhabited by a group of rebels from Whispertruth and their prisoner, an agent of Razmir. Unknown to any of them, the Ancient One is going to escape soon, and it is waiting for the Razmiri's body to weaken so he can be possessed.[1]