Vergan Forest

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The Vergan Forest is the smaller of the two forests in Razmiran, located in the southern part of the nation between the Exalted Wood and the Glass River. During Razmir's conquest of the the Arch-Duchy of Melcat in the 4660s, the woodland served as a hiding and resupply location for his forces. Today it is largely abandoned, and home to vigilantes, anarchists, and outlaws wishing to live outside the control of the dictatorial government and the Church of Razmir.1


Fifty years ago, this dark and musty region served as cover for guerilla forces loyal to the powerful wizard Razmir, while he conquered the region and mercilessly slaughtered those who refused to bend their knees. Today, those unquiet souls infuse the Vergan Forest with latent psychic power with which its primary inhabitants must contend. Razmiri dissidents and anarchists alike now use the forest to hide from authorities, but they are not alone; also lurking in the forest are driders, giant vermin, assorted undead, and a terrible ancient power that could bring ruin upon the whole region.2 The woodland is strewn with crumbling structures that were not meant to last and forgotten caches of weapons and other supplies.1

Places of interest

The Vergan Forest is home to a small community of outcasts and dissidents called Whispertruth, as well as the ruins of the ancient Taldan resupply fort of Gensmaren.1


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