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Tawil at'Umr

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Tawil at'Umr
Home Traveller on Material Plane and dimensions that intersect it
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Knowledge, Travel, Void
Subdomains Dark Tapestry, Exploration, Night, Stars
Favored Weapon Dagger
Symbol Black spiral inside of a hexagon

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 149
Tawil at'Umr
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, Great Old One)
CR 30
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 148

Tawil at'Umr is an unusual and little-known Great Old One that serves as the physical projection of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth's will and pursues Yog-Sothoth's goals across the dimensions. It is theorised that Tawil at'Umr is little more than the side effect of Yog-Sothoth brushing up against this universe. Tawil at'Umr has vast knowledge about reality.[1]


Tawil at'Umr appears as a cloaked figure of approximately the same shape as and larger size than the observer. Under the cloak, it is revealed as a seething protoplasmic mass capable of taking many shapes, several of which should not be able to exist.[1]

The Church

Devotees of Tawil at'Umr typically worship it out of a mistaken impression that worship matters to the avatar. No cult of Tawil at'Umr is known to exist. Most who would venerate it instead worship its true form Yog-Sothoth.[1]