Animated tank

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Animated tank
Type Construct
CR 12
Environment Any

Source: Rasputin Must Die!, pg(s). 84-85

Animated tanks are tanks animated by the pickled brains of deceased military officers, preserved and magically wired to the tanks. They were originally designed by Russian engineer Viktor Miloslav for use by the Russian Imperial Army, and it is unknown how effective they were on the battlefield or if any of them survived the Great War.[1]


Standard animated tanks are built from the common British Mark IV tank, which is armed with two Hotchkiss 6 pounders and three Maxim M1910 machine guns. Variants of self-animated tanks include the 'female' animated tank, which replaces the Hotchkiss 6 pounders with two more Maxim M1910 machine guns; and the moving fortress, the result of German engineers copying Miloslav's invention on their own A7V tanks, which has thicker plating, and is armed with a more robust main gun and six Maxim M1910 machine guns.[1]


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