Arhaneem Braeton

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Arhaneem Braeton

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 30

Arhaneem Braeton is a rich river merchant in the small Varisian town of Ilsurian. He owns the largest estate in the town, the Braeton Manor, located on the top of the hill upon which the town was built. Arhaneem's family live in the mansion—he and his wife Canalee Braeton, along with their son Martim (born 4703 AR)1 and their daughter Summer (born 4704 AR)—attended by their servants Nesmia and Werros Claseria. Arhaneem owns the most prominent and central docks on the River Skull and Lake Syrantula. The town council frequently attempts to purchase his docks or build public docks to make travel and trade less reliant on Braeton, but they have so far been unsuccessful. Arhaneem is known to be arrogant and overreached, especially in his business dealings, refusing to deal with anyone with a lower social standing.23

Arhaneem's sister, Irriley Braeton is the current head of the town council. She no longer lives in Braeton Manor which belongs to her brother.23


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