Yondabakari Road

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The Yondabakari Road is one of the major roads leading into the city of Magnimar. Named after the Yondabakari River, it approaches the city to the east of that river, and terminates at the vast and busy Castlegate, which straddles the city districts of Keystone and Lowcleft. In effect, most of the overland traffic from the rest of Varisia travels this road into the city.12

Yondabakari route

The Yondabakari route is one of the most important routes in Varisia, ranging from Magnimar all the way to the headwaters of the Yondabakari River. Starting from Magnimar, the road follows the northern bank of the river and passes through the town of Wartle (182 miles from Magnimar), and the gnome settlement of Whistledown (113 miles from Wartle). This western part of the Yondabakari route is called the Dry Way. Then, the road follows the northern shores of the Lake Syrantula and passes through the town of Ilsurian (64 miles from Whistledown), the cliff-side village of Biston (45 miles from Ilsurian), and the industrial town of Melfesh (24 miles from Biston). Further to the east, the road follows the eastern part of the river and passes through the community of Abken (50 miles from Melfesh). Also, 41 miles east of Abken the road reaches the confluence of the Runtash River with the Yondabakari, it then follows the Yondabakari River towards the hamlet of Sirathu (33 miles from the confluence to the north), and the city of Kaer Maga (28 miles north of Sirathu). From Kaer Maga, the Yondabakari route follows the river to the east for hundreds of miles and reaches the headwaters of the Yondabakari River. Branching from the easternmost reaches of the river, the Sklarkari route continues across the Storval Plateau into lands to the east, eventually following the River Esk to Lastwall's capital, Vigil.3