Esrelda Woodmere

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Esrelda Woodmere
Titles Sister
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian / Varisian)
Class Cleric 2
Gender Female
Homeland Ilsurian, Varisia
Deity Erastil

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 25

Sister Esrelda Woodmere maintains the Temple of Erastil in the Varisian town of Ilsurian. Esrelda is not a powerful cleric but keeps a strongbox full of scrolls. The temple is made of wood and decorated with wooden sculptures of various beasts that are common to the forests and rivers in the area. Esrelda tends the small garden of the temple, and anyone is free to eat of its bounty when in need. She holds services only a few times per year, at the major holidays of Erastil's faith. The rest of the time Esrelda usually socializes with the people of the town and helps them with their work. Esrelda is accepted both by Varisian and Chelaxian groups, as she was born to a Varisian mother and Chelish father. Her peacemaking tactics have kept violence from erupting in Ilsurian many times over.[1]