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Auren Vrood

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Auren Vrood

Source: The Haunting of Harrowstone, pg(s). 13

Auren Vrood is a necromancer of the Whispering Way organization associated with gathering elements for the Carrion Crown; he leads a group of black robed cultists to aid him in the task. He was responsible for the murder of Professor Petros Lorrimor in 4711 AR, when Lorrimor caught them in the act of stealing the soul of Lyvar Hawkran from the ruins of Harrowstone Prison. Vrood made sure Lorrimor looked like he had suffered an accidental death before he and his team left to go to Lepidstadt.1

In appearance, Vrood wears a breastplate made of bone that suits his grey pallor; he carries a black staff clearly topped with the symbol of the Whispering Way: a human skull gagged by a black cloth.2


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