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Lyvar Hawkran

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Lyvar Hawkran

Head warden of Harrowstone prison
Source: The Haunting of Harrowstone, pg(s). 7

Lyvar Hawkran was head warden of Harrowstone prison near Ravengro, in Canterwall county, Ustalav, where he bravely died in a great fire in 4661 AR preventing a mass prisoner escape by sacrificing himself. He was married to Vesorianna Hawkran and they both lived in a house within the prison walls; unfortunately, his wife also lost her life that fateful day. After his death, the spirit of Warden Hawkran rose as a ghost and continued his work to keep the spirits of the inmates within the prison. His death and that of his wife are commemorated on the Harrowstone Memorial in Ravengro.1


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