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Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human (Azlanti)
Class Wizard (Enchanter) 10
Gender Female
Homeland Absalom

Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 279

Ayandai is a simulacrum of Runelord Sorshen who serves as the Eurythnian ambassador in Absalom.[1]


Ayandai is named after Ayandamahla, a succubus who once served as Sorshen's ambassador to the other runelords, but unlike her predecessor, she has no need to serve as Sorshen's spy, assassin and executioner. She is often suspected to be a spy or even Sorshen herself, but knows that these rumours also give her power and protection.[1]

Ayandai's co-ambassador Firandivar sees her as a lesser being, not even a true human. While he is obsessed with proving his superiority over her to the detriment of his diplomatic duties, Ayandai has established herself as the 'primary' ambassador from New Thassilon. Visitors to the embassy always see Ayandai as being in charge, while Firandivar has been addressed as her apprentice three times. His requests to act against Ayandai have all been ignored by Belimarius.[2]


In 4718 AR, after Sorshen awakened from her slumber, she used the Everdawn Pool to create a simulacrum to aid a band of adventurers fighting against ther old rival Alaznist. After Alaznist was defeated, Sorshen gave the simulacrum the name Ayandai and tasked her with establishing New Thassilon's embassy in Absalom.[1]


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