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Ruins of Eurythnia, such as the Sunken Queen, still dot the Varisian landscape.
Titles Realm of Lust
Land Thassilon
Capital Xin-Eurythnia
Ruler Sorshen, Runelord of Lust
Religions Peacock Spirit

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 75

Eurythnia (pronounced yoo-RITH-nee-ah),[1] the realm of lust and fertility, was one of the seven nations which formed the ancient empire of Thassilon.[2]


At the time of its fall, Eurythnia was ruled by runelord Sorshen, who maintained her capital of Xin-Eurythnia at the same location where Korvosa now stands. In fact, Sorshen's tomb lies deep within the Grand Mastaba, the very pyramid on which Castle Korvosa was built.[3] Eurythnia's main source of income was trade with foreign lands, and the people's lust for exotic lovers made it the only Thassilonian realm to import slaves from abroad. Raids on their shipping by sahuagin were a regular headache for the Eurythnians, who eventually enslaved sea giants to protect their fleets.[2]

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