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Azghaad I
Titles First Pharaoh, Azghaad the All-Seeing
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Sothis, Osirion
Deity Nethys
Born 4th Millennium before Absalom
Died ca. -3412 AR

Source: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, pg(s). 16f.

Pharaoh Azghaad—known as Osirion's First Pharaoh, Azghaad the All-Seeing or Azghaad I—was the legendary first pharaoh of Osirion from Ancient Osirion's founding, under the guidance of the god-king Nethys, in -3470 AR at the dawn of the Age of Destiny.[1] It was Azghaad who founded Sothis and made it the capital of Osirion, a prestigious position it retains to this day. It is rumored that Azghaad's Spire in Sothis holds a piece of his royal tomb supposedly topped by the capstone of his ancient pyramid. This implies that whoever built Azghaad's Spire must have known where Azghaad's original tomb is buried, a worthy target for any treasure hunter as surely the tomb of the First Pharaoh must contain treasure unknown to the modern world.[2]


Azghaad is said to have founded the nation of Osirion with the help of Nethys himself. During his early reign he united the many tribes along the Sphinx River, defeated the might spawn of Rovagug Ulunat and founded the city of Sothis around the gigantic beetle's carapace. In -3399 AR, he completed construction on a spectacular temple to Nethys and proclaimed him Osirion's first patron god, thereby ushering in the First Age of Osirion.[3]


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