Azghaad's Spire

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Sothis, with Azghaad's Spire clearly visible next to the Black Dome

Azghaad's Spire, located in the grand temple of Nethys in Sothis—the Temple of the All-Seeing Eye—is a sanctum for devoted adherents of Pharaoh Azghaad the All-Seeing. The complex is built in the shape of a series of concentric circles, and only the priesthood of Nethys may enter the innermost heart of the structure. At the center, a veinstone obelisk rises to a height equal to (but not exceeding) the High Temple of Pharasma.


The original spire was destroyed following the Qadiran invasion of 1532 AR, but was rebuilt in 4620 AR[1] by High Theurgist Malika Azdari. It is rumored that the obelisk's amber-colored glass capstone is a piece of Azghaad's otherwise lost royal tomb, but priests have refused to answer questions about the spire.[2]

The mutilated body of the Insatiable Pharaoh, Jetrieti V, was discovered attached to Azghaad's Spire in -2866 AR, and many at the time considered this to be the judgement of the ancient god-kings on the corruption of the current pharaohs. It was noticed that Jetrieti V's successor, Jetrieti VI, was a more careful ruler.[3]


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