Azghaad's Spire

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Sothis, with Azghaad's Spire clearly visible next to the Black Dome

Azghaad's Spire, located in the grand temple of Nethys in Sothis—the Temple of the All-Seeing Eye—is a sanctum for devoted adherents of Pharaoh Azghaad the All-Seeing. The complex is built in the shape of a series of concentric circles, and only the priesthood of Nethys may enter the innermost heart of the structure. At the center, a veinstone obelisk rises to a height equal to (but not exceeding) the High Temple of Pharasma.


The original spire was destroyed following the Qadiran invasion of 1532 AR, but was rebuilt in 4620 AR1 by High Theurgist Malika Azdari. It is rumored that the obelisk's amber-colored glass capstone is a piece of Azghaad's otherwise lost royal tomb, but priests have refused to answer questions about the spire.2

The mutilated body of the Insatiable Pharaoh, Jetrieti V, was discovered attached to Azghaad's Spire in -2866 AR, and many at the time considered this to be the judgement of the ancient god-kings on the corruption of the current pharaohs. It was noticed that Jetrieti V's successor, Jetrieti VI, was a more careful ruler.3


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