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The Balgirdtrek is an annual cross-country race in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings known for its harsh conditions.1


The footrace historically follows a 200-mile route from Frostgarten in Icemark to Kalsgard and is run over four days by several small teams. Teams that take longer than four days are disqualified. Each team is expected to reach five designated checkpoints that each feature a trial,2 and each of which includes lodging to discourage dangerous attempts to continue the race at night.3 Participants are prohibited from riding mounts, a rule enforced by patrolling officials.4

Competing teams rarely battle each other during the race, instead focusing on the route's obstacles and dangers, which include harsh weather, treacherous river crossings, and hostile wildlife. Members of the winning team lead a feast in the competitors' honor and receive a token that grants privileges across the Saga Lands and is redeemable as a payment toward taxes.3


The race commemorates the deeds of Balgird Bluetongue, an Ulfen man who spent two months in the frozen wilderness tracking a tarn linnorm before slaying it. Bluetongue died in the Winter War between the Djurstor Confederacy and the forces of Baba Yaga in 3313 AR. Ulfen raiders recovered his remains about two centuries later and buried him in Kalsgard. The city then announced the first Balgirdtrek in his honor.5

The race is traditionally competed by Ulfen families, and until 4719 AR ran from Varki territory to Kalsgard. The route and competitors generated tension over time between the Varki and Ulfen peoples.5

In 4719 AR, alongside the growing influence of recently elevated Varki Linnorm King Nankou, the race's route was reversed and a more diverse set of teams joined the competition.5 The Iceferry Lodge of the Pathfinder Society entered a team of Pathfinders in the race and won, resulting in renewed respect for the Society but a grudge between the organization and Kalsgard's Oakfeller family.16