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Steven Hammond

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Steven Hammond
Hometown Holden, Massachusetts, United States
Position Freelance

Steven Hammond is a games writer and designer whose works have been published by Paizo Inc., Kobold Press, and Pyramid Magazine. He is also the author of the Lost Papyrus blog and a software developer.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Reaver's Roar 1809 September 2018 PFS 1e #10-04
Tarnbreaker's Trail 1912 December 2019 PFS 2e #01-10
Artifacts of Aroden"Artifacts of Aroden" 2006 June 2020 The Apocalypse Prophet, 64.
In Burning Dawn 2012 December 2020 PFS 1e #02-10
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Advanced Player's Guide 2007 July 2020
Ardax the White-Hair"Ardax the White-Hair" 2007 July 2020 Legends, 16.
Bestiary 3 2103 March 2021
Grand Bazaar, TheThe Grand Bazaar 2110 October 2021
Guns & Gears 2110 October 2021
See also: Category:Works by Steven Hammond

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