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Amiri and Seltyiel fight a bebilith.

The bebilith is an infernally-spawned, vermin-like creature whose sole purpose seems to be to hunt and devour its demonic prey. It is likely that bebiliths were created by the demon lord Mazmezz, back when she was still a qlippoth lord.12


Bebiliths resemble some sort of demented, demonic version of a spider that could only be conceived in the depths of the Outer Rifts. Bebiliths have eight legs, but stand atop six spindly legs while the front pair of legs end in two enormous scything claws, each nearly the height of a humanoid. The body of the bebilith looks just as spider-like with crustacean elements: a carapace-covered torso with a head, featuring red multi-faceted eyes, below which sits the grasping maw of a spider. Rather than dripping with poison, the bebilith's maw instead is infested with a terrible rot that destroys flesh at an alarming rate.3[citation needed]

Habitat and ecology

Bebiliths dwell in the depths of the Outer Rifts, but they are not in fact demons like most of the plane's inhabitants. Instead they are the natural predators of the realm, feasting on demons who have so brazenly claimed the Outer Rifts as their own. While bebiliths do not require any sort of sustenance, they seem to prefer the taste of demon flesh. This may be a blessing for the rest of the multiverse, as bebiliths posses the ability to shift between the planes at will. The bebilith seems to have evolved specifically to hunt and destroy demons, as their claws are able to cut through their prey's normally damage-resistant flesh. Additionally, bebiliths are far more intelligent than they look, making them a truly fearsome predator.3[citation needed]


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