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Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Janni
Homeland Al-Zabrit, Meraz Desert, Qadira

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 9

Beliana leads a jann tribe at an oasis in Al-Zabrit, deep in the Meraz Desert of Qadira.[1]


Beliana has dark brown skin, and long hair and pupil-less eyes of a solid blazing yellow hue.[1]


As part of a deal struck between the jann tribe and Tiferi tribe of the Al-Zabriti two centuries ago, Beliana secretly meets with current Tiferi chieftain Jahin al-Vasti each month. The tribes share patrols of their regions as mutual protectors, an arrangement kept secret to avoid drawing disapproval from other Al-Zabriti and to maintain an element of surprise.[1]


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