Black-Eye Benbem

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Black-Eye Benbem
Gender Male
Homeland Shackles
Died 4709 AR

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 27

Black-Eye Benbem was a pirate in the Shackles, captain of the infamous sloop-of-war Screaming Reaver. Benbem was notorious for capturing merchant ships, pilfering the cargo, and leaving the crew bound on the captured vessel, which was set adrift after a fire was lit in its hold. It is said that Benbem enjoyed the shrieks of burning victims drifting across the water. A few years ago, in 4709 AR, Benbem's first mate, known simply as Coal-Dark, grew weary of the waste, slit her captain's throat and took over the Screaming Reaver.[1]

Home port of the Screaming Reaver has been Fort Benbem on the Pangalley Atoll since the ship was banned from using even Shark Island ports. Black-Eye Benbem had it built using slaves that he drowned soon after its completion. Fort Benbem consists of no more than a dozen wooden buildings surrounded by a log palisade, and is hidden by thick palm trees.[1]


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