Shark Island

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Shark Island

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 12

Shark Island is one of the westernmost islands of the Shackles. It is northwest of Besmara's Throne and east of Raptor Island.1

It is the second-largest island in the archipelago. Its many hideouts suitable as deep water ports, many sources of fresh water, and varied game within a short distance from the beaches, all made the island an attractive locale. The Shark Island was an early favorite island for pirates when they first started using the region. But the island's prosperity would be short-lived as sedacthy2 tribes were attracted to its wealthy ports. Sedacthys first inhabited the underwater caves near Moak Harbor and since have greatly expanded in the past 200 years in all the region that is now called Sahuagin Coast. The towns of Ollo and Raketooth have survived and even two small settlements, Blackblood Cay and Vilelock, have recently been built, but all still weather vicious raids by the shark-toothed humanoids. Shark Island has evolved into the slums of the Shackles, a place that hosts only the most desperate and depraved.3

The Shark island interior is known for its wide variety of dangerous wildlife. The Lake of Scales hosts herds of ankylosaurus, iguanodons, and stegosauruses and the islet in the center of the lake is littered with ivy-smothered Ghol-Gan ruins. The wide and deep Greenscale River is fed by the Lake of Scales and small sloops navigate the river from lake to sea. Lethal predators hunt the banks of the fast-flowing River of Knives, and a froghemoth is said that lives in the swampy western hills framing the shore of Lake Vene.3 The waters north of the island are home to a large population of gargiyas, whose lairs dot the seabed by the dozens.4

The island's main settlement is the town of Ollo, which is controlled by the pirate lord Avimar Sorrinash. Sedacthy mount periodic raids on Ollo.5


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