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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Stolen Land
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Adept 4
Gender Male
Homeland Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 17
For another meaning of "Bokken", please see bokken (weapon).

Bokken is an eccentric and jittery hermit living in the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands. Bokken talks very quickly and uses clipped words yet, despite sounding like he is in a hurry to finish every conversion, he is only too happy to talk to anyone with the gold to buy his goods. He is a crafter of potions who occasionally trades with Oleg Leveton who lives nearby at Oleg's Trading Post. One of the "secret" ingredients that he uses in his potions are fangberries unfortunately the nearest patch are fifty miles away across the wilderness of the Kamelands though he will reward any who would fetch him some with significant discounts on any potions they buy from him.[1]