Boliga Bharsolm

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Boliga Bharsolm
Titles Queen
Race/Species Human (Kellid)[1]
Gender Female
Homeland Numeria
Died 1305 AR
Companion(s) Aaramor

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 4

Queen Boliga Bharsolm is remembered for leading the three-year Battle of Grasyhot against the 30 hill giant tribes of Urgo Axbiter in Numeria, starting in 1288 AR and ending with the deaths of both Axbiter and Queen Boliga in 1291 AR.[2]


After Urgo Axbiter led the united hill giant tribes from Sarkoris in an invasion of Numeria, Queen Boliga rallied an army of Kellid barbarians against them. The three-year conflict that ensued would become known as the Battle of Grasyhot. Axbiter was eventually slain, and his followers buried him in an earthen tomb. Queen Boliga died in the following battles, and to demonstrate their dominance over the region her followers built a larger tomb above Axbiter's.[1]


One of Queen Boliga's rivals was Aaramor, founder of the Blades of Aaramor. The warlord eventually became a consort of Queen Boliga, and 14 years after her death, Aaramor established a namesake citadel northwest of Grasyhot.[1][3]