Aaramor (person)

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Race/Species Human (Kellid)
Gender Male
Homeland Aaramor, Felldales of Numeria
Organization Blades of Aaramor
Born prior to 1291 AR
Died presumably after 1305 AR

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 30

Aaramor was a Kellid warlord who founded the Blades of Aaramor and is the namesake of the fortress city of Aaramor. He is renowned for rallying the city's construction in 1305 AR to defend against invasions from Sarkoris[1] and to prevent the growth of giant populations.[2]

Aaramor was a rival of Queen Boliga Bharsolm before becoming her consort;[3] her death in a clash with hill giants was 14 years prior to the beginning of the citadel of Aaramor's construction.[2]