Battle of Grasyhot

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The site of the Battle of Grasyhot can be found northeast of the Numerian capital of Starfall, just south of the Egelsee River near the border with Mendev. In it, the forces of the Kellid Queen Boliga Bharsolm fought with the 30 tribes of the hill giant chief Urgo Axbiter. The battle began in 1288 AR and continued on and off for three years, with both sides experiencing advances and retreats. When Axbiter was killed, his followers erected a huge earthen mound over his grave near the battlefield, so that he might continue to inspire them in death. The climactic confrontation of the battle ended in victory for the Kellid tribes. Queen Bharsolm met her death during it, and was interred in a similar earthen tomb at the battle site, so that she might eternally delight in the hill giants' defeat. Both burial mounds still stand today, a lasting tribute to heroism and determination.12


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