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Small town
1,164 humans, 151 dwarves, 148 half-orcs, 27 other
Overlord (tribal chieftain)

The city-fortress of Aaramor stands on the banks of the West Sellen River in the northwest of Numeria, hard on the edge of the Worldwound.1


Aaramor's construction was ordered in 1305 AR by legendary Numerian kings2 and named after the founder of the Blades of Aaramor. The city once defended the border against the giant-kin and barbarians of Sarkoris.1

In 1521 AR, Aaramor's ruler had its northern stone bridge replaced with a fragile wooden bridge to deter giants from crossing the West Sellen River.2

Since the opening of the Worldwound in 4606 AR, Aaramor has been Numeria's first line of defense against the demonic hordes.1


While the town's chieftain is always a member of the Blades of Aaramor tribe, not all of the town's people belong to the tribe.3

The resource-strapped town is led by Blades of Aaramor Chief Rothgar, who must balance his loyalty to the Black Sovereign, the town's defense, the relationship between the townsfolk and tribe, and the fiscal demands of the Technic League.4

The League's representative and tribute collector, the hated Kellid wizard Kannath, has served since 4711 AR despite multiple attempts on his life.4


The town's Iron Hand of Gorum, Andura Jakos, recruits for the Mendevian Crusades from the town chapel, while Shepherd Euna provides for the town as a priest of Erastil.4


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