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Goblins demonstrate poor explosive safety protocols by setting off explosive fireworks while wielding explosive bombs in a burning structure.

Explosives are technological items and materials capable of violent reactions of physical force, often accompanied by fiery combustion. Explosives can be, but are not necessarily, magical in nature and are rare outside of Numeria1 and Alkenstar.23

Known explosives

Lini hurls explosive plants as she and Droogami battle goblins.
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Aside from devices generally designed to explode, such as bombs, fireworks, and grenades, certain materials are also inherently explosive:

As weapons

Alchemists most commonly wield explosive bombs as weapons and use their alchemical expertise to quickly craft small bombs and explosive devices.6 Hobgoblin alchemist-engineers are particularly renowned for their use of explosives in combat,7 including the deployment of sting grenades that use their explosive properties to blast non-lethal debris toward their foes.8

Explosives are also deployed in both mundane and magical traps, such as bone boxes,9 golden eggs,10 and skull blasts.11

In magic

Explosive runes, which detonate when revealed, are among the most infamous forms of magical explosives. The runespeakers among the subterranean Kaer Magan aberrations known as kasthezvis entrap their lairs with inscriptions of silent explosive runes that also destroy the few written records of these silent people.12

Garvok, the Thassilonian Sword of Wrath, creates a massive explosion each time it absorbs a wielder.13

The Radiant Fire was an explosive magical weapon of positive energy used to free Tar-Baphon from Gallowspire in 4719 AR.1415

In culture

Thaldei was a Failed aspirant of the Starstone whose ambition was to become the goddess of explosive alchemy.16

Celebrations of the Nethysian holiday of Evoking Day feature explosive fireworks and magic.1718

In geography

The most impactful explosion in Golarion's history was Earthfall, generated by meteoroids crashing into the planet's surface in -5293 AR and initiating the Age of Darkness.19

Witchlight Vale in Numeria is the crater of a massive explosion set off by a Numerian chief exploring the Silver Mount in -3116 AR, an event cited as the origin of Numerians' local taboos against the use of technology.2021 The explosion was followed by occurrences among nearby people of mind quakes, an affliction believed to be associated with the Dominion of the Black.22

The massive explosion of Torag's Crag in 3980 AR, since known as the Rending, destroyed the capital of the dwarven kingdom of Tar Khadurrm at Jernashall. The volcano was since renamed to Droskar's Crag.23

The Spider's Nest of Irrisen's Hoarwood Forest is a crater several miles in diameter formed in 4529 AR, when a gigantic explosion shook the eastern Hoarwood Forest and spewed plumes of smoke, fire, and giant spiders. No one yet knows the cause of the original explosion.24

In 4606 AR, the city of Anuli in Holomog was rocked by a powerful explosion known as the Paroxsys, which annihilated a large part of the northern city, killed its queen and all of her successors, and left a crater that eventually filled with water to become a large lake. The true cause of the explosion is not known, but many locals suspect Geb.25

The 4719 AR explosion caused by the Radiant Fire that destroyed Gallowspire created a crater of both necromantic and positive energies now known as Gallowgarden.1415

On distant worlds

Explosive devices and materials from the crashed Androffan spaceship Divinity and its fleet have littered Numeria since the Rain of Stars.26

In the Great Beyond

Cixyron is a daemonic harbinger of gunpowder and poisonous metals amongst other things. The harbinger's religious symbol is an electrical explosion.27

The slaying of the nascent demon lord Izzdeveron the Assailant generated an unholy explosion powerful enough to unmoor the Heavenly bastion now known as the Entropic Hold and send it drifting toward the Maelstrom.28

A rare side effect of a teleportation maneuver used by shield and lantern archons results in the explosive creation of a bastion archon.29 The destruction of a bastion archon generates an explosion of positive energy that can heal nearby living and holy creatures.29


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