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Michelle Y. Kim

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Michelle Y. Kim

Developer (2023–Preesent)

Michelle Y. Kim is a freelance writer who has contributed to Paizo Inc. Kim joined Paizo as a developer in November 2023.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions 2309 September 2023 PFS 2e #05-04
Adventure Toolbox 198"Adventure Toolbox" #198 2312 December 2023 No Breath to Cry, 74. Season of Ghosts #3
Additional ArticlesAdditional Articles 2401 January 2024 To Bloom Below the Web. Season of Ghosts #4
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Howl of the Wild 2405 May 2024
Divine Mysteries String Module Error: String subset index out of rangeXX
See also: Category:Works by Michelle Y. Kim


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