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Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 7

Governor Bozbeyli, a veteran of Taldor's cavalry, rules Cassomir Prefecture from Grayguard Castle.


Bozbeyli was once a poor peasant in Cassomir who served in a militia under the command of the city's then-governor. He became a hero as an officer in the Taldan Horse while fighting in several border disputes with Qadira in Zimar Prefecture. As a result, he was promoted to the senatorial class by Stavian III and given the responsibility to run Cassomir as efficiently as he led his troops in the cavalry.1


One of Governor Bozbeyli's current objectives is to clear the Dog's Teeth district, which is immediately west of his residence of Grayguard Castle.12

In an effort to improve relations with Andoran, Cassomir's neighbor to the west across the Sellen River, Governor Bozbeyli has ordered the hanging of several notorious Taldan bandits on Pharasma's Pulpit. Whether this has had the desired effect with the Andoren country folk is debatable.3

Rumours, perhaps in response to his actions to clear the Dog's Teeth district, have created the incorrect perception among Cassomir's residents that Bozbeyli is a corrupt blowhard.1 The ruthless nature of his entourage—a full company of the city's guards—causes his every movement through Cassomir to potentially result in trampled citizens and smashed street vendors' stalls.4


Bozbeyli is a stout, strong man in middle age with graying black hair and a well-groomed gray beard. He always carries his Qadiran scimitar in his belt, a weapon he got from a Qadiran bandit-king in the Southern Range.1


The governor has a cousin named Julien Marley,5 and an arrogant nephew named Orfeo Bozbeyli.6 Despite his humble start, Governor Bozbeyli is a distant cousin of Stavian III (and implicitly Stavian's daughter Eutropia Stavian as well).2


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