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Kyra, a cleric of Sarenrae, wields a scimitar, her goddess's favored weapon.

Scimitars are curved swords between a shortsword and longsword in length. A scimitar has a single blade and flat back.[1]

On Golarion

The scimitar is most famous as the goddess Sarenrae's holy weapon, and is immortalized in myth as the weapon that struck down Gormuz in Ninshabur.[2] Legendary Sarenite whirling dervishes of Qadira are also said to use vorpal scimitars.[3] It is also venerated by followers of the orc goddess Dretha,[4] demon lord Jezelda,[5] the malebranche Libicocco,[6] and the empyreal lord Uskyeria[7].

The Alara'hai Chellan of Thassilon is a golden scimitar transmuted to be as hard as adamantine,[8] and the inubrix ghost iron scimitar created by Xin in opposition to the Runelords and their Alara'hai shared a similar form.[9]