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Kyra, a cleric of Sarenrae, wields a scimitar, her goddess's favored weapon.

Scimitars are curved swords between a shortsword and longsword in length. A scimitar has a single blade and flat back.1

On Golarion

The scimitar is most famous as the goddess Sarenrae's holy weapon, and is immortalized in myth as the weapon that struck down Gormuz in Ninshabur.2 Legendary Sarenite whirling dervishes of Qadira are also said to use vorpal scimitars.3 It is also venerated by followers of the orc goddess Dretha,4 demon lord Jezelda,5 the malebranche Libicocco,6 and the empyreal lord Uskyeria7.

The Alara'hai Chellan of Thassilon is a golden scimitar transmuted to be as hard as adamantine,8 and the inubrix ghost iron scimitar created by Xin in opposition to the Runelords and their Alara'hai shared a similar form.9


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