Taldan Horse

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Taldan Horse

National (Taldor)
Military hierarchy
Mounted soldiers
Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 12
See also: Taldan Phalanx and Taldan Imperial Navy

Taldor's cavalry is comprised of both horse and elephant units, though it is collectively known as the Taldan Horse.1

Horse legions

The horse legions break the lines of enemy advancement and outflank enemy units. They consist of heavily armed knights led by a knight-captain. The horses are raised in huge horse farms in southern Taldor.1

Elephant legions

The elephant legions move supplies and, in some cases, crush the core of the enemy army. They are led by knights but consist mainly of regular soldiers. The elephants come from breeding stock brought from Garund thousands of years ago during one of the expeditions of the Armies of Exploration.1


Imperial Palace, Oppara

The Taldan Horse, alongside their colleagues in the Taldan Phalanx, have the duty of guarding the Imperial Palace in the Imperial Square district of Oppara. Daily marches across the Imperial Square are held and the regiments, particularly, guard all palace entrances.2


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