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War Marshal of Fellstrok
Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 27

War-Marshal Brithuan is the hryngar1 leader of the Nar-Voth community of Fellstrok. Having only recently retaken the formerly dwarven ruins, he works tirelessly to ward off the continuing attacks of local tribes of grimlocks, mongrelmen, and other Darklands creatures whilst simultaneously trying to refortify Fellstrok in case of invasion by blood-thirsty orcs or vengeful dwarves from the surface.2

In 4710 AR, War-Marshal Brithuan reached an accord with the orc Tulluk Clovenface, leader of the Haskodar tribe, who had long considered the hryngars of Fellstrok their main rivals. In exchange for a truce, Brithuan provided the Haskodar tribe with slaves and weapons on the condition that they invade and take over the city of Blisterwell in the Hold of Belkzen. Brithuan's ultimate plan is to use the city as a resource-rich beachhead aiming to eventually destabilise Grask Uldeth's hold on the city of Urgir.3


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