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Monstrous humanoid
Any underground
Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 24

Grimlocks are blind, savage humanoid creatures who dwell in the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth, where they organize into small, tribal groups.1


Grimlocks inhabit the abandoned settlements of other races, and are often found as the slaves to other, more organized creatures, such as the hryngars2 and the drow. They are believed to be an even more degenerate offshoot of the morlocks, who travel up from Sekamina to hunt grimlocks for food, and consider their flesh a delicacy.1

Habitat & Society

A rather primitive people, grimlocks, if left alone, tend to form small, tribal societies, where little more than "might makes right" passes for law. Religion among them is rare, and generally is limited to a simple form of animism where certain rocks or scents found in the Darklands are venerated.1

Grimlocks in Golarion

Grimlocks, as has already been mentioned above, are predominantly found in the caverns of Nar-Voth where they serve as mercenaries for other races.1 Self-governing tribes are known to exist in such diverse places as the cavern of Bloodcleft under the Pyramid of Kamaria in Osirion,3 near the hryngar city of Fellstrok under the Hold of Belkzen,4 under eastern Taldor's World's Edge Mountains,5 under Droskar's Crag in Andoran,6 and even in Qadira.7


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